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The Best PS4 Cooling Fan – Best of 3 Cooling Fans


    The PS4 heating problem is one of the most common and significant issues. It is harmful to your PS4 and even decreases its lifespan. Plus, sometimes, it will break your mood by shutting down suddenly due to overheating. If you’re also facing a problem, purchase the best cooling fan for PS4.

    So, for those who are still thinking cooling down your PS4 is the most challenging task ever –  a quality cooling fan will take less than 30 seconds to cool down your PS4. Besides, it works excellently to dispel dust and mote from PS4. However, some minor issue we always face with a cooling fan is extra noise, excess time for charging, low performance, and flimsy lifespan. Considering everything we have gathered about the three best cooling fans for PS4, let’s break down today’s topic.

    How did We Research?

    Our guide is based on practical experiences from real gamers. Gamers from different corners of the world have contributed their valuable opinions, and we directly used the best items according to their opinion. Finally, Analysing their performance, we selected 3 effective cooling fans.

    3 Best PS4 Cooling Fans 

    In this segment, we’re going to describe the products with their pertinent details and features. So, let’s dig in.

    1. PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station 

    When you’ve been looking for the best PS4 slim cooling fan no way to miss this item from OIVO, featuring an upgraded cooling system, the fan comes in black. The overall dimensions are also ideal.

    Another great thing is that the fan is compatible with the PS4/Slim/Pro console. We would suggest using a stand for better performance.

    Key Features

    • The fan comes with a multifunctional, regular design. Moreover, the inclusion of an LED indicator notifies you about the charging status.

    • Unlike the random fans, this one gets charged highly faster. Most of the cooling fans are equipped with USB dongles, but this one is exceptional. Luckily, they have used the EXT port. So, where most other fans require 4 hours to charge fully, this takes only 2 hours.

    • No worries about unnecessary sound. Fortunately, the upgraded model decreases the noises below or equal to 50 dB.

    • You’ll get almost everything in the package, including USB HUB, USB Adapter, cable, wall adapter, and others.

    • Efficient cooling system with fan speed up to 3500 + 10% PRM.


    • Highly durable, made of plastic.

    • Item weight is only 1.65 lbs.

    • Appropriate as both the best PS4 pro fan and slim cooling fan.

    • Compatible size.

    • Available indicator.


    • Won’t charge automatically when your PS4 is on standby mode.

    • A stand is required for the best performance.


    Luckily this one is the best cooling fan for ps4 pro, exceptionally for fast charging as it is equipped with the EXT port. It will take a maximum period of two hours to get fully charged.

    2. ElecGear PS4 Turbo Cooling Fan External USB Cooler   

    Secure your valuable PS4 console with the ElecGear PS4 Turbo Cooling Fan. It offers a practical and prolonged service with easy installation.

    Keep your late-night games uninterrupted with ElecGear PS4 Turbo Cooling Fan. It is suitable for severe gamers and confined spaces. 

    Key Features

    • There are 5 cooling fans ( 2 large and 3 smaller). These turbo fans constantly neutralize heat from your PS4 and keep it more relaxed on any hot summer day.

    • You will get 4 operating systems with this cooling fan. Manual/ Auto mode offers you complete control while low and high fan speed settings maintain the cooling speed.

    • There is a built-in temperature sensor in this fan. It can sense your PS4 temperature above 38°C and automatically turns on.

    • This turbofan is thinner, seamlessly fitting, tool-free, and designed solely for PS4.

    • Users can supply DC-5V from their console’s USB port without using any extra power supply.


    • Effortless installation and Clip-On.

    • Suitable for professional gamers.

    • Lifetime warranty and quality customer service.

    • Originally made for PS4.

    • Prolonged service.


    • Not suitable for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

    • Sometimes it sounds loud.


    Five turbofans with a temperature sensor! It is worth your money. Gamers who are tired of firing up their console without spending too much time on it should get this.

    3. Linkstyle Cooling Fan for PS4 PRO  

    Here is the most desirable resolution for hardcore gamers all over the world. Link style Cooling Fan is specially made for PS4 Pro gamers.

    This heavy-duty cooler continuously puts itself on duty. It is a perfect accessory for heavy games like Fortnite and GTA-V.

    Key Features 

    • There are two different modes here – manual and auto. Each of them allows you to use the turbofans at their most total capacity.

    • The default temperature sensor automatically turns on when the heating temperature exceeds 38°C and turns off when your PS4 pro cools down.

    • The 5 turbofans ( 3 smaller and 2 larger) are very effective in action and ideal for cooling down your PS4 pro on hot summer days. 

    • There are two-speed settings available; fast and regular. The average speed setting saves energy, while the quicker fan setting eliminates heat quickly. 

    • It can be easily powered with your console’s USB port and vertical charger of most play stations. 


    • Easy to attach and clip-on.

    • Worth your money.

    • Suitable for hardcore gamers and long-time players.

    • Automatically detects temperature.

    • 12-month money-back guarantee.

    • Smooth and noiseless.


    • Only suitable for PS4 Pro.

    • Could be a little more sturdy.


    Link-style Cooling Fan is specially made for PS4 pro gamers. It is definitely of another level. If you are someone who can play without any track of time, you should purchase this heavy-duty cooler.

    Comparison Table  

    Now get all the products at a glance with their highlighted features.

    Best PS4 Cooling Fan


    Is It Worth Getting A Cooling Fan for PS4?

    There are internal fans already carved into your PS4. However, an external cooling system will increase the internal airflow, minimizing the pressure on PS4’s internal fans.

    With additional cooling support, you shall also enjoy a fast performance with a noise-free service from your PS4 console. It will also make your console durable and long-lasting.

    How Can I Improve My PS4 Cooling?

    We are mentioning some tips you can apply to improve the cooling system of your PS4.

    Ensure that your PS4 is operative in a well-ventilated room. Open up the windows and keep the air circulation well. 

    Always keep your PS4 station dust-free and clean. This helps a lot.

    But the most effective solution for improving the cooling system is to insert a cooling fan. These days, cooling fans are powerful and uniquely compatible with specific PS4 versions.

    Does PS4 need an external cooling fan?

    If there is an excessive heating issue such as a red signal, heated deep sound, and consequently unexpected shut down the problem, you should better use one.

    What are the best cooling fans for PS4?

    The best one must be compatible with all common and few unique features. It won’t take a long time to get fully charged. Besides, it will cool down within an unexpectedly short period. However, here are three suggestions for you.

    1. PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station
    2. ElecGear PS4 Turbo Cooling Fan External USB Cooler
    3. Linkstyle Cooling Fan for PS4 PRO

    For further detail, please check out the review segment.

    Final Verdict  

    So far, we have revealed the most desired items in the current market. Fortunately, all the cooling fans we have suggested are getting huge sales, and if you pay attention to their review, almost 95% of people are staying positive. So, it’s your time to choose the best PS4 cooling fan for you. Keep in mind whether you need a pro or a slim cooling fan. Make sure of the adjustability and check out other features.

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