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Gaming Gear

144hz Gaming Monitors

144hz Monitor For High-Powered Gaming

    Gamers know that a high refresh rate tv is a must-have purchase for a serious gamer, but what about a 144hz monitor? There are relatively few monitors on the market with a 144hz refresh rate, and even though it comes at a hefty price, you’ll get the best performance out of them. They’re worth their weight in gold – you can’t find this type of display anywhere else.

    4K OLED Gaming Monitor

    3D Diagonal RealView Engine for 4K OLED Gaming Monitor

      The world is quickly moving towards the 4K standard in gaming with most big gaming monitors now offering 4K support. This means that gamers with top-of-the-line GPUs can push their graphics cards to their limit whilst experiencing the best possible color reproduction.

      IPS Display Monitor For Gaming

      5 Reasons to Choose a UHD IPS Display Monitor For Gaming

        Choosing the right monitor for your gaming laptop or desktop has overwhelming consequences – pick an inadequate screen, and you’ll realize it in a few minutes if you’re playing any games. But on the other hand, don’t get discouraged because an HD or 4K monitor has IPS display technology, short response times, 2560 x 1440 resolution, curved bezels for a more immersive experience, 60Hz refresh rate – high-end gamers are delighted to find their perfect match!

        Best Chair for a Gamer

        Create a New Gaming Environment with the Right Chair

          When you’re gaming, you not only need a well-built computer and time to play games, but also the best chair. Creating the right environment for gaming can make or break your enjoyment in playing. Find out more in this article about what gaming chairs do and why they might be good for you.

          best headphones for big heads

          A Big Head Guide to the Best Style of Headphones

            Nearly everyone listens to music or films on headphones, whether for productivity, exercise, or just listening pleasure. Big head syndrome significantly increases the risk of blisters and pressure points caused by headphones because smaller people can’t evenly distribute the weight of their heads across their ears. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy listening to music with their favorite headphone brands either!

            best claw grip gaming mouse

            The best claw grip mouse and why you should use it

              A claw grip is a form of mouse-hand grip that enables the user to keep their thumb and other fingers close to the home button. The risk of its use is that your other hand can get cramped or uncomfortable. This blog article will teach you how to master this technique and why it may be better than using a traditional mouse.

              ewin gaming chair

              Ewin Gaming Chair Review: The Best Gaming Chair

                What are the benefits of ewin’s gaming chair? If you’re looking for a console gaming chair, you should definitely consider the ewin gaming chair. This review goes over what it offers, plus some pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the right Chair for you.