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3 Best Keyboard for PS4 – No way to Lose Again

    Best Keyboard for PS4

    PS4 uses a controller by default, but did you know controllers sometimes offer minimal accuracy? Yes, a standard keyboard and mouse offer better accuracy, especially when it is a crossplay. While trimming up with friends in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty must use the best gaming keyboard for PS4 to hold performance with them.

    Indeed, you’ll get tons of options, but you can’t randomly pick one. We have already done massive research and gathered the most affordable yet efficient gaming keyboard for PS4. So let’s dig in.

    How did We research?

    We had considered a few things, including the type, compatibility, modes, keys, and durability. Finally, we found 10 appropriate products and consulted 2 professional games to confirm their quality, and at last, we chose 3 best keyboards for PS4.

    3 best gaming keyboards for PS4

    In this segment, we’re going to reveal the products. So, stay connected.

    1. NPET K11 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

    First on the list, is a wireless high-performing gaming keyboard from NPET. This item comes with a fantastic mechanism that makes it perfect for whatever game you play.

    No matter your device, it is compatible with PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Desktop. Fortunately, this one is a waterproof keyboard with a comparatively thinner floating keycap design. Plus, it can be controlled up to 10 meters from the connected device. Let’s explore a few more features of this item.

    Key Features

    • The keyboard is integrated with 2 different usage scenarios; wireless and wired.

    • No chance of sleeping on your finger as it is equipped with a spill-resistant, non-slip design.

    • There are 26 anti-ghosting keys available. So no way you will miss any keystroke.

    • Fantastic colorful illuminated design with 4 led backlit modes. There are also options available to adjust the breathing speed and brightness.


    • Available 104 keys, including 13 multimedia and 26 anti-ghosting keys.

    • Compatible with almost all types of gaming devices.

    • User-friendly key placement.

    • Gaming at night is more fun with different lighting modes.

    • Durable construction (Aluminum alloy panel).


    • There should be more RGB settings options.


    Whether it’s home or office, the keyboard is suitable. You can utilize it, including both wired and wireless, lighting mode, and without any lights.

    2. KLIM Chroma Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Keyboard  

    Gone are the days of old-fashioned noisy keyboards. Klim Chroma Wireless Keyboard is something every tech lover would dream of having on their table. This rechargeable keyboard is built with high ABS material to ensure you a humble service for a decade.

    Generally, we are worried about the lag time of wireless keyboards. We fear that the active response time will be slower than our typing speed. However, Klim Chroma surpasses this struggle making it possible to work only within 8ms. 

    Key Features

    • Klim Chroma is the very best wireless keyboard of your choice. The quiet noiseless membrane keyboard offers you a smooth typing experience.

    • There are three different color modes here. You can control the intensity of light and speed of the breathing style.

    • The keyboard has an internal noise reduction set-up. It offers you a calm state of mind while you work.

    • You can accidentally splash water or drink on it. And your keyboard will be just fine. It is built to withstand 10,000,000 strokes. 


    • Durable and fast.

    • Easy control of intensity.

    • Quick response time.

    • Water and other liquid resistance.


    • May find it hard to connect for the first time.


    A beautifully balanced gear built with modern technology and durability. It serves the purpose of elegance and efficiency at the same time.

    3. Redragon S101 Keyboard and Mouse 

    Get a combo offer with Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. This all-in-one PC value kit is definitely worth your budget. It is a wired system with the fastest response time you will ever have.

    We all want to rush to something shorter. Having a wireless keyboard is the best idea- it will be reasonably ruled out when you experience the performance and efficiency of the Redragon S101. It is superb fast, filled with various color modes and overall control.

    Key Features

    • Redragon keycaps (6mm) are thinner than other caps. Your every stroke will be quiet and smooth.

    • There are 7 different RGB lighting modes here. You can control the backlight intensity in 4 ways and adjust the breathing style.

    • Redragon mouse is up to 3200 DPI (adjustable), and it offers pinpoint accuracy and 5 programmable mouse buttons among the 6.

    • There is a gold-plated USB connector ensuring a corrosion-free connection for the ultimate gaming experience.


    • Super fast and thin keycaps.

    • Variation in style.

    • Accurate tactile feedback.

    • Designed for longevity and durability.


    • Stiff and not entirely noiseless.


    Redragon S101 is for the heavy-duty gamers out there. It is a full-pack kit offering a variation in style and higher efficiency in performance.

    Comparison Table  

    We have made it easy for you to make your selection. Just notice the comparison table below.

    Best Keyboard for PS4
    Best keyboard for PS4


    Do mechanical keyboards work on PS4?

    It’s only a myth that the best keyboard for PS4 is the non-mechanical type. However, the Playstation 4 can be connected both via USB and Bluetooth. You can easily connect your mechanical keyboard to one of the front USB ports of your PlayStation and pair up a suitable profile.

    Can I Use Mouse and Keyboard on PS4 without an Adapter?

    There are only a few games that allow the direct connection of keyboard and mouse with the PS4. However, you can play almost any game with this setup. You will have to use a conversion adapter. Xim4 or any IOGEAR Keymander will do the job for you.

    Does the RGB keyboard consume more power?

    Yes, RGB keyboards consume more than typical keyboards. Because it has to create 16 million colors through the RGB spectrum, RGB ram needs more power than any regular keyboard RAM.

    What is the best keyboard for ps4?

    The best keyboard for PS5, PS4, or windows must be compatible with some standard features, including all necessary keypads. User-friendly surface, fully responsive, attractive lighting, and others. Here I am recommending the 3 best keyboards for ps4 Fortnite. For detailed info, please read the review part.

    1. NPET K11 Wireless Gaming Keyboard
    2. KLIM Chroma Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Keyboard
    3. Redragon Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

    Final Words

    You are now familiar with the best 3 gaming keyboards for PS4. All of them are in an affordable price range and equipped with different functions. So, now it’s your turn to select which one is going to be perfect for you.

    After reading the review, if you have any more query don’t forget to hit a comment.

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