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Xpadder: A Game Controller Software for PC Gaming

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Xpadder is a game controller instead of a keyboard & mouse through your gamepad. To play games on P.C. through the gamepad, you have to use xpadder. Jonathan develops it.

Example- If you want to play Asphalt 8, airborne on your pc through a gamepad instead of a keyboard, you have to use this.

Is that free of cost

No, it’s not free of cost. You have to buy it. You can try 3rd party site for being downloaded, but it’s risky for malware.


Pros & cons


  • Easy to use
  • designed for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
  • Easy to configure on pc


  • Need to be purchased
  • Using as start-up application

How to configure Xpadder

It’s a common question how to use xpadder or how to configure xpadder! Xpadder is software that is easy to configure. We can install it in 1 min or less. I am going to brief steps on the steps of configuring xpadder.

N.B.- steps can vary xpadder version.

  1. Download xpadder
  2. Install xpadder (as run as administration)
  3. Xpadder overview will be displayed
  4. On there – select the option “Sticks” present in the bottom left corner of xpadder window, and click to “Enable”. Thus, enable your necessary left corner xpadder window.
  1. Adding the Buttons, and placing them as key-board console which commands through your joysticks or gamepad.
  2. Check through pressing joystick or gamepad button, on pressing time it marks as green.
  3. Running the game & enjoying yourself.

Video for getting a configuration concept of xpadder-

Why should I use this xpadder application  for playing game on pc –

  1. Xpadder utilizes keyboard command on game pad button. Playing PC games through keyboard, it can be boring.
  2. Playing through gamepad, it’s an excitement. Its bring refreshment.
  3. Through xpadder software, we can make a gaming environment at the place of gaming (pc game).
  4. Gamepad is reasonable to buy, xpadder binds game pad with computer instead of using computers keyboard.

N.B.- I am not professional. I am just sharing my opinion & researching concept for bringing more refreshment & entertainment through playing games on the computer.

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