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How to get the safe codes for Hitman 3

    How to get the safe codes for Hitman 3

    Whether you’ve played Hitman 3, safes and security codes are often difficult to crack.

    Some of the codes in hitman 3 are easy to ignore, but others are more key to the game’s progress.

    Having six levels and several codes to remember, we’ve assembled all of them in one place for your comfort. From the Bunker through the last end level, we give you all the codes here!

    Hitman 3 Keypad Codes and Safe Combinations

    Explore Dubai in “Hitman Trilogy Pack”

    List of key codes for hitman 3

    What are the safe codes in Hitman 3?

    Learn about security rooms and penthouse safes in Hitman 3

    Finding keys on levels in Hitman 3

     How to open the staff area door by using the code: 4706

    List of safe codes included in the game.

    Safeties for your Hitman game

    If you want to find the safe codes for any door in “Hitman 2”, here are the combinations to open particular doors.

    Hitman 3 codes to unlock safes

    Wine Fridge Laser System 1945 Safe Combinations

    2006 Carpathian Mountains Safe Codes

    The door unlocks 1979, with Retired NYPD officer Cross making this Tom Clancy game more Batman than Jason Bourne. Learn more

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